GMBM 2023

Visayas State University (VSU) ushers in this year’s largest university-wide sporting event bringing back “Salingkusog” as a brand, spearheaded and organized by the Institute of Human Kinetics (IHK). 

“Salingkusog” is a combination of two words from Filipino and Cebuano that translates to “transferring strength” representing the strong spirit of camaraderie among Viscans as they inspire each other to pass on the torch of excellence, great sportsmanship, and solidarity to the next generations to come.

With this year’s #SALINGKUSOG2023, the VSU flagship campus will welcome VSU’s component VITA (Villaba, Isabel, Tolosa, and Alangalang) campuses. However, only the VSU Tolosa has a pair of candidates for the BMGM pageant.

The grouping of colleges under the VSU Main campus remained the same except for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) which is now paired with the College of Engineering and Technology (CET), and the College of Management and Economics (CME) is now paired with the College of Forestry and Environmental Science (CFES). 

The search for Ginoong Malakas and Binibining Maganda is among the highly-anticipated events in this year’s intramural games. Before the coronation, let us get to know the 5 pairs of candidates that will dazzle in this year’s GMBM 2023. 

VSU Main’s CAFS and CoN’s Growling Guardians


Representing VSU Main’s Growling Guardians are 22-year-old Mr. Juriel A. Sto. Tomas and 18-year-old Ms. Fiona Ashantei R. Ver.

Juriel hails from Sogod, Southern Leyte, and is currently a senior Development Communication student while Fiona Ashantei is a freshman Nursing student from Gama, Northern Samar.

In line with his degree program, Juriel prefers working behind the camera as an audio and video editor and layout designer. Fiona Ashantei loves reading self-help books and listening to podcasts, traveling, meditating, and doing volunteer work.

Juriel and Fiona Ashantei deem physical fitness important as it helps them not only enhance their physical strength and endurance in order to function well in school but also helps them grow and overcome challenges in life.

VSU Main’s CME and CFES’ Sylvan Dragons


Raising the banner for the Sylvan Dragons are 18-year-old Mr. Jeriel Lanz Raven A. Item and Ms. Sheena Margarette M. Abayabay.

Both Jeriel and Margarette are freshmen students at VSU Main Campus. Jeriel, who is from Zamora, Bilar, Bohol is pursuing a degree in Forestry while Margarette is a Hospitality Management student from Baybay City. 

Jeriel advocates for the university — the CME and the CFES community. He wants to encourage the students to work together.

Margarette or Marga as she prefers to be called, is an advocate for environmental and mental health awareness for the youth. She firmly believes that “there’s nothing in this world but change” and the pageant provides an excellent platform for her to voice out her advocacies. Her goal is to encourage her fellow Viscans to speak up and be heard, encouraging them to take action to conserve our environment and to create a safe space where everyone can be free from discrimination.

VSU Main’s CoEd and CVM’s Regal Minokawa


Gliding among the stars are Regal Minokawa’s Kyla Grace A. Libay and Dominic Chad Catipay from the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Kyla is a 20-year-old from Surigao City. She is currently in her third year as a VetMed student along with Dominic, a 21-year-old lad from the land of Ormoc City.

In line with their degree program, both Kyla and Dominic are all for animal welfare; they both also like to try new things and dive into experiences that they haven’t been on before. 

Kyla encourages public health, not just on the medical side but also on the health of the environment. It is important for her to be an influence on the whole Viscan community, and to deal with environmental cleanliness by being an example. She also upholds sisterhood, stating that the friendship she formed along with the rest of the candidates transcends outside the competition.

Dominic, on the other hand, found the need to be physically fit to conform to the societal norms’ beauty standards, but as he matured, he realized that working out did not just make his body healthy and fit, it also made him more positive on his outlook in life. 

VSU Main’s CAS and CET’s Valiant Gladiators


Hailing from the team of brains and elegance of Valiant Gladiator are Mr. Daniel Christian Acasio and Ms. Kareyl Mae Cabahug.

Daniel, currently a freshman taking up a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering is a native resident of Matalom, Leyte, while Kareyl, who flourished from the soils of Javier, Leyte, is currently a junior in the program of Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology - both serve as the pride and joy of their respective colleges.

Daniel is a fan of fantasy books, especially Mushoku Tensei, which influenced him to grow and develop as an innovative, dependable, and passionate person. Kareyl, as a woman of science, advocates for stronger research and environmental conservation on Earth, our only home, saving a place for the next generation.

Strengthening the body and the mind remains the advocacy they are pushing for. Daniel is the champion of change, battling stereotypes and toxic masculinity. While Kareyl edges as an icon of the beauty of humanity, inside and out.

Though BMGM is an intense competition, Daniel and Kareyl, as an agent of their colleges, believes in the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie and upholds the vision of the university to our fellow Viscans.

VSU Tolosa’s Greyhounds


Howling for Tolosa’s Greyhounds is 19-year-old Mr. Tommy Villaflor and 21-year-old Ms. Danica Ann Gonzaga. 

Tommy is a sophomore in the BS Criminology program, while Danica Ann is a senior student in the same degree program.

Both Tommy and Danica Ann view physical fitness as important. Tommy deems it as one of the best investments one can give to the body.

Danica Ann believes that she can influence fellow Viscans by leading by example and that other students would follow in her footsteps if they see her leadership skills and dedication in what she does.

Watch out for these dazzling pairs of candidates as they vie for the crown and take center stage at the Ginoong Malakas at Binibining Maganda 2023 coronation night to be held this September 20 at the VSU Gymnasium.

[Photos courtesy of Virtuoso Creativ and KM Studios]

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