ABE topnotcher 2023

It is a common notion that when someone tops the boards, people get curious and ask about the secrets in the hopes of replicating them. But, as for this #ProudViscan topnotcher, there is no top formula that made him land the third spot in the September 2023 Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers Licensure Examination.

In an inclusive interview with Engr. Jesriel Cuba Casinillo, when asked about his tips for obtaining a rating of 83.38%, he then smiled and said he was clueless. 

“I actually don’t know. There are no secrets really. I didn’t even expect that I would top the licensure exam,” he shared.

Recalling his journey, there is one thing that he could point out as to how he made it possible. It was his values in life, not an innate ability or high intelligence or the influence of any material possession.

“I am just a typical student who studies well and prays,” Engr. Casinillo began.

This #ProudViscan disclosed that he took his classes and lessons religiously and was consistent in his study habits. Because of his diligence and perseverance, he finished his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) in August last year as Magna Cum Laude.

For Engr. Casinillo, topping the licensure exam requires effort and hard work in building a better foundation of knowledge from the academe.

“I’m just an average student who wants to finish my undergraduate program on time. Nothing could help me so I made an effort to study,” he revealed.

He highly commends his home department and the excellent professors and instructors who were part of his success. He admitted that the fundamentals that he learned from them were a big help for him in acing the licensure exam.

“VSU trained me to be resourceful, to find other relevant materials that can help me understand and learn the lessons even on my own,” he revealed.

Like many other board takers, Engr. Casinillo had his share of struggles before achieving the 3rd spot. During his review at the Mindanao State University in General Santos, he failed his posttest and assessments. There were new concepts that he never encountered before.

But that did not stop him from believing and continuing his goal of passing the exam. For less than two months, he devoted his time to preparing for the board.

“Even when studying becomes dull and boring at times, I just rest and continue afterwards,” the #ProudViscan topnotcher shared.

Engr. Casinillo believes that getting his hard-earned license is only the beginning of his journey in service. Even if he was the youngest among the 7 siblings, he was the first degree-holder of their family.

As a proud farmer son from Margen, Ormoc City, he dreams of becoming one of the instruments in uplifting the underrated farmers and the value of agriculture in the country.

“I want to be of service to my nation.” He noted that he wanted to serve the farmers in the country and challenged his fellow licensed engineers to serve with full honesty and integrity.

Now, he is back to working as a research assistant of Engr. Eldon De Padua, the department head of DABE for two projects, namely, Comprehensive Baseline Documentation and Product-Market Profiling of the Jackfruit Industry in the Philippines and the Futures’ Thinking. Engr. De Padua hired him right after his graduation, and he was happy to be back at the office after being away for several months due to his preparation for the big exam.

#ProudViscan Casinillo expressed his gratitude to his friends, family, and the other people who were all behind in his achievements.

“First, I would like to thank Mikee, Jade, and Maria who were my constant companions and study buddies ever since college until we did our review and finally the exam. Second, to the contributor of my knowledge, life lessons, and values, the competent DABE family, to Sir/Engr. Eldon, who allowed me to be part of the pertinent project, exposed me to reality, pushing me to go beyond the horizon of my capacity. Third, to my prayer warriors, my friends and family, especially my parents who gave their full support. They are always behind my back. Lastly, to God because of the ceaseless guidance and enlightenment.”

He also extended his thanksgiving to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) for the financial assistance he received throughout his four-year undergraduate degree as one of its scholars.

The topnotcher penned a message to those who did not make it to never stop trying and to trust God’s process.

Engr. Casinillo is one of the 615 total successful examinees out of 1,841 takers of the said licensure exam in the Philippines.

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