PAEStigan 2024

Our very own agricultural and biosystems engineering (ABE) students marked history by bagging the highest award and winning the Php 70,000 cash prize during the grandest comeback of the Philippine Agricultural Engineering Standards (PAES) Quiz Contest.

VSU Team 2 composed of Fritz Gerard B. Javier, Benagine M. Layola, and Henry Gabriel A. Pradilla finished the three rounds of the PAES quiz bowl securing a total of 227 points making them clinched the title among the 40 teams from 32 universities nationwide.

The quiz bee is no ordinary challenge since it is a test of the proficiency of ABE students with the standards of agricultural engineering in the Philippines as well as the actual application and development of these standards.

Not only clinching the major award of the event, the VSU delegates also dominated in other competitions such as video making (champion), QGIS mapping (2nd place), and Agricultural Machine Parts Identification (3rd place), among others.

On top of that, #ProudViscan Javier was awarded the “Pinaka-AEStig” award after obtaining the highest score (44/50) in the quiz bowl’s easy round which was an individual written exam.

“Happy kaayo kadto pa lang before announcement nga gisungog-sungog nako sa ako mga kauban nga makuha jud tung award kay wa gihapon ko katuo. Di man sad ko kaingon gud nga fully prepared mi kay busy kaayo sa school works, thesis, ug private matters. Okay na gud kaayo tung na-champion, mura’g dako na kaayo siya nga bonus nga nakuha pa gyud apil ang Pinaka-AEStig award,” Javier revealed.

[I was very happy. Even before the announcement of the winners, my teammates were already teasing me that I would get the award, but I refused to believe them. I couldn’t say that we were fully prepared for the competition since we were busy with school work, thesis, and other private matters. Winning the competition was already enough, but getting the Pinaka-AEStig award was another thing, it was truly a great bonus.]

According to the “Pinaka-AEStig” winner, his achievement was not only because of his constant review but also the encouragement he received from their coach, department, family, and friends who contributed a lot to inspire him to do his best for the competition.

He shared that it was their first time joining competitions and it happened to be at the national level. But despite the pressure of bringing the name of VSU and their department, Javier highlighted that their coach Engr. Gerald D. Ompod always reminded them not to get carried away with the feeling, but instead to enjoy the opportunity and the experience of visiting the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), one of the top universities in the country.

“Mixed emotions guro amo na-feel pero mostly positive kay dako kaayo to na opportunity para namo ABE nga makadung sa UPLB nga nag-hold sa mga major centers like AMTEC, IRRI, and etc.”

[We had mixed emotions but mostly felt the positive ones because it was a great opportunity for us, ABE, to visit UPLB which holds major centers like AMTEC, IRRI, and many others.]

“Siguro ako maingon kay go outside your comfort zone, tas trust yourself more. Kay based ani nga experience naka-realize jud ko nga it’s in facing the unfamiliar that you discover new strengths and potential, nga dili unta nimo ma-realize if dili ka willing modawat ug challenges beyond sa imo comfort zone.”

[All I can say is that it is important to go outside of your comfort zone and trust yourself more. The competition made me realize that it’s in facing the unfamiliar that you discover new strengths and potential. You won’t be able to realize this if you are not willing to accept challenges beyond your comfort zone.]

Other #ProudViscan winners in the PAEStigan X minor events


Aside from Javier, Jeezciah C. Yrigan won the video-making contest with his film entry entitled RAOS, which is a 2-minute film showcasing the episodes of challenges faced by our local farmers. 

Yrigan produced and wrote the short film that portrays the role of every ABE student in helping our farmers achieve more resiliency and sovereignty in food amidst all the obstacles imposed.

Together with Ian Macabua, who is the drone operator and the voice actor in the film, they achieved an overall rating of 93% overall rating among other entries.

Meanwhile, Theresa Mae M. Catarig finished 2nd Place in the QGIS mapping and Carmeli Adele V. Cabia secured the 3rd spot in the Agricultural Machine Parts Identification.

VSU Team 1 for the PAES QuizCon consists of John Mark P. Chua, Joyce M. Saludaga, and Nikki G. Torrejano also made it to the Top 9 after obtaining 162 points.

The PSABE-VSUSC sent 15 students to compete in the Rodeo & 3-Point Hitching, Agricultural Machine Parts Identification, QGIS Challenge, CAD Challenge, and PAEStigan X QuizCon.

Here are the names of the VSU team:

  1. Fritz Gerard B. Javier
  2. Benagine M. Layola
  3. Henry Gabriel A. Padrilla
  4. Jeezciah C. Yrigan
  5. Theresa Mae M. Catarig
  6. Carmeli Adele V. Cabia
  7. John Mark P. Chua
  8. Joyce M. Saludaga
  9. Nikki G. Torrejano
  10. Jade Canales
  11. Joebert E. Cabalquinto
  12. Ian Lemar G. Macabua
  13. Jay Paul L. Bonsucan
  14. Feliciano Manuel C. Matibag IV
  15. Ruejette Marie C. Namoc


Engr. Ompod, the coach of the VSU delegates and a faculty member of the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (DABE) is a #ProudViscan board topnotcher in 2019. He shared his proud moment of coaching the equally talented and brilliant students from their department.

“It’s a mix of emotions. I am grateful for the opportunity to guide and train these bright and talented Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) students through this prestigious event, PAEStigan. Pangarap ko rin maging coach sa ganitong event, Quiz Show, dati rin kasi akong quizzer from Elementary to College, so alam ko ang feeling na nararamdaman ng mga bata at bilang coach mas nakakakaba pala.”

“There’s pressure, we represent VSU, a globally competitive university, and we represent the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (DABE), recognized by CHED as one of the country’s centers of excellence in Agricultural Engineering. There’s great expectation from us and we used this as fuel to reach new achievements. Coaching the VSU delegates in PAEStigan X was a proud and memorable moment for me, as I was able to witness the history being made.”

He also noted that it was a new experience for all of the VSU delegates including him joining the PAEStigan.

“It was a significant experience for our ABE students as they competed with other brilliant minds and showcased their skills at this prestigious event. Also, our delegates were exposed to different research centers and agencies relevant to their program. Thus, it was really a rewarding experience.” 

Engr. Ompod extends his gratitude to the VSU administration and his DABE family who supported them on this journey. He also congratulated his VSU team for making history and becoming one of the PAEStigan Quizcon Hall of Champions.

“A quotation says “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. It is a collective effort. I would like to thank the VSU administration, OIC President – Dr. Tan, Former President – Dr. Tulin, OVPSAS – Ma’am Aleli, and to the Dean of Students Office – Ma’am Chona and Ma’am Christy. To DABE faculty and staff led by our very supportive department head Engr. Eldon P. De Padua. To PSABE-VSUSC officers led by their president Ian Lemar G. Macauba for helping us process the necessary and important documents and to Engr. Marjorie E. Timbal, my constant support.”

“Most importantly, I would like to thank my ABEngrs team, props for their great efforts and sacrifices, all those sleepless nights and hard work have paid off. To Fritz Gerard Javier, Benagine Layola, and Henry Gabriel Pradilla (VSU Team 2), you made history. VSU is now part of the PAEStigan PAES QuizCon Hall of Champions,” he concluded.

This event is organized by the University of the Philippines Society of Agricultural Engineering Students (UP SAGES) in partnership with the Agricultural Machinery Testing and Evaluation Center (AMTEC) to foster not just intellectual growth but also camaraderie among ABE students across the country.

This year’s theme is “PAEStigan X: Fostering Xcellence to Future Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers toward Food Resiliency and Sovereignty.”

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