VSU One-stop-shop Admissions Enrollment Process

For a centralized enrollment process for the newest #ProudViscans, the VSU Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services (OVPSAS) designed the “one-stop-shop” initiative for seamless registration.

This initiative is part of the new VSU Administration’s plans to make the admission and enrollment process fast and efficient for incoming first-year students.

For this new academic year, VSU implemented the one-stop-shop admissions enrollment process for convenient and smooth transactions intended only for the incoming Viscans since continuing students are already practicing online enrollment through their MyVSU Student Portal.


With this enrollment setup, all involved processes such as submitting their student credentials, applying for dormitories, encoding of subjects, photo-taking for identification, membership to the student body organization, and answering customer feedback forms will be held in one place – at the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) Building in the VSU Lower Campus.

After all the processes, students will have their printed Certificate of Registration indicating they are officially enrolled for the new academic year. 

On top of this, students were reminded to prepare the necessary documents to achieve an easy flow of their enrollment process.

The enrollment started on June 18 and will continue until June 28, 2024. Data from the VSU Registrar as of June 21, 2024, the total number of enrolled first-year students reached 1,211.

The VSU Flagship Campus expects more enrollees in the coming days as there are 1,877 accepted qualifiers and 2,558 open qualifiers of the VSU College Admission Test this year.

VSU would like to commend the collaborative efforts of the Admissions Office, Security Office, University Services for Health, Emergency and Rescue, Dormitory Services, Registrar, University Supreme Student Council, and the Customer Feedback for making the one-stop-shop admissions enrollment process successful.

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