Envi Week

Various student organizations at VSU convened to organize a set of activities for a week of environmental management awareness and appreciation, November 7-11.

Creative competitions and other activities centered around the theme Engineering, Chemistry, and Environmental Management for a Sustainable Future were organized by  three course-related groups of  Chemistry, Environmental Management, and Agricultural Engineering students.

The student-run Chemical Society (ChemSoc), Helpers in Outreaching Mother Earth’s Stability (HOMES), Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers-VSU Student Council (PSAE-VSUSC), were also partnered by an environment enthusiasts group at VSU, the Terrestrial and Aquatic Restorations by Students Immersed into Environmental Reforms (TARSIER).

ChemSoc, HOMES, PSAE-VSUSC, and TARSIER aim to advocate for a sustainable future through a collaboration of various fields that will be beneficial to the environment.

Join us in building a sustainable future by participating in the following fun activities:

Remembering Yolanda
The student organizers, in cooperation with VSU’s Institute of Strategic Research and Development Studies, invite all students to the Yolanda 3rd Anniversary Candle Lighting, November 8. This activity aims to commemorate the third year anniversary of the super typhoon that claimed the lives of thousands of people in Eastern Visayas. This event will highlight the importance of disaster risk reduction and management, including efforts to protect the environment. Hundreds of candles will be lighted in the VSU Amphitheater after a short program that will start at 5:30PM. The candles hope to provide light for continued research on climate change adaption and mitigation. Below is the sequence of the ceremony:

  • Assembly Time - 5:00PM
  • Invocation - 5:30PM
  • National Anthem - 5:35PM
  • Opening Remarks - 5:40PM
  • Sharing the Experiences of ISRDS - 5:50PM
  • Video Presentation - 6:20PM
  • Candle Lighting and Tribute Performance - 6:30PM
  • Closing Remarks and Announcements - 7:00PM

Poster-Making Contest
Draw a sustainable future for the world. Calling all bonafide VSU undergraduate, senior and junior high school students to the Environmental Poster-Making Contest which will be held at the Engineering Building, Room EB-107 on November 9, at 5:30PM. Here are the contest mechanics:

  1. Open for all bonafide VSU undergraduate, senior high and high school students

  2. Registration fee: Php20

  3. Posters shall depict the given theme

  4. Bring your own art materials. Illustration board will be provided during the contest proper.

    Entries will be judged based on relation to the theme (20%), message conveyed (20%), originality (20%), and overall beauty (40%). Certificates and cash prizes (Php300, Php200, and Php100)  await winners.

Elegy Contest

What are your experiences with the nature around you? How do you feel that you have lost a part of it somehow? Share with us what the environment means to you and join the Best Elegy for the Environment Competition. Help promote sensibility towards the environment through your powerful written reflection. The contest will be at Room EB-101 at the Engineering Building on November 9 at 5:30PM. The mechanics are the following:

  1. Contest is open to all bonafide VSU undergraduate, senior high and high school students

  2. Registration fee is Php20.

  3. Participants shall compose an original elegy directed to the environment with no time limit

  4. Composition should not be more than 1000 words

Entries will be judged according to adherence to the theme (20%), grammar and construction (20%), style and uniqueness (20%), and message (40%). Certificates and cash prizes (Php300, Php200, and Php100)  await winners.


Quiz Show

The Inter-dormitory Chemikalikasan Quiz Show will be held on November 10 at 5:30PM at the VSU Gymnatorium. This is open to all VSU students residing in the dormitories within the campus. Questions will be about demography, ecology, social issues, and current events related to the environmental concerns. Here are the mechanics:

  1. Each dorm will have two teams composed of three members per team. Participants must submit a registration form signed by the dormitory adviser to Ms. Carol at DoPAC. Deadline of registration will be on November 9 at 5:00PM.

  2. Registration fee: Php50 per team.

  3. In case a member of the team is unable to join, an alternative may take his/her place. Teams with insufficient number of members during the contest proper will be disqualified automatically.

  4. Questions will come from:

Geography, history and demography of the Province of Leyte

Ecology - evolution, succession, diversity and environmental issues

Chemistry – chemical reactions, organic and inorganic compounds

Social issues and current events – issues affecting the environment and policies related to it

5. The Quiz Show will have three parts:

Quarter-final Round – Composed of three parts: Easy (1 point), Average (2 points) and Difficult (3 points); 10 questions; Top 16 teams will move to next round

Semi-final Round - Easy (1 point), Average (2 points) and Difficult (3 points); 10 questions; Top 8 teams will move to final round

Final Round - 10 questions; 5 points each correct answer; Top 3 will be announced as winners
6. Clarification on the questions shall be made before the quiz master moves on to the next question.
7. The decision of the quizmaster is final and irrevocable.

Winners will receive certificates of recognition for the dormitories and cash prizes (P1500, P1000, P500).


Picture a world who cares for the environment. Take part in the Environmental Photography Contest and show us what caring for the environment means. Submission of entries starts at 7AM of November 2, until 11:59PM on November 10. Here are the contest mechanics:

  1. Open to all bonafide VSU undergraduate, senior high, and high school students

  2. Pay the registration fee of Php25 per entry on November 10, 2016 at the Japanese Garden, 5 to 6PM

  3. Maximum of 2 entries per participant

  4. Submit electronic copy of environment or nature-inspired original photo taken within VSU

  5. Photo should have a minimum resolution of 72 dpi

  6. Submit entry with name, course and year, and contact number of photographer, time and place the photo was taken, and photo caption.

  7. Send entry via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  8. Submit on or before the aforementioned deadline

Follow the mechanics to avoid deduction of points or disqualification. The entries will be judged according to the following criteria: Caption and theme of the photo (25%), uniqueness (25%), and overall beauty (50%). Certificates and cash prizes (Php500, Php350, and Php200)  await winners. Entries will be showcased publicly on November 11. One entry will receive the People’s Choice Award with certificate and cash prize.

Climate change adaptation Seminar

Come and listen to a seminar on Climate Change Adaption Technology, Mitigation Techniques and Management, November 11, at the CCE Building. In this activity, students will be able to gain ideas in implementing environment-friendly activities and projects. This is free and open to all interested VSU students and student leaders.The speakers will be Engr. Ma. Grace M. Curay, from the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Mr. Charlie S. Andan of the Meteorology and Engineering Sciences Program, Prof. Allan A. Ramal of the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Dr. Eduardo O. Mangaoang from the Regional Climate Change Research Center, and a specialist from the Institute of Strategic Research and Development Studies.


All participants will be given certificates. Contact 0995-883-2558 for more information on the activities.


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