The Department of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering is a center of excellence in education and research in agricultural engineering in the Visayas. In 2000, it was recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as one of the country's centers of excellence in agricultural engineering. DABE offers both the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering (BSAE) and Master of Science Agricultural Engineering (MSAE) with three specializations. With its solid and integrated functions in instruction, research and extension, and production, the department has produced top-notch graduates who perform well in professional board examinations.

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering 


DAE is equipped with lecture and laboratory rooms including the farm shop, machinery, and crop processing labs, the Conventional Energy Center, the Agro-Meteorological Station, and the Soil Erosion Lab. Facilities of the department include universal testing machines, universal radial flow machines, surveying equipment, tractors, rice mill, metal and lathes, and other metal and wood working machines. 

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