VSU Tolosa Library Building Perspective View

Perspective view of VSU Tolosa’s new library building located at the left side of the old administration building.

After a series of delays brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, VSU Tolosa’s 10 million-peso new library building is drawing nearer to its completion.

With construction and other site works started some time in August 2021, the new building is now 60% done.

This two-storey building project has long been proposed in 2019 but the actual construction budget was only earmarked in late 2020.

But because of mobility restrictions caused by the pandemic, it was only in June this year that the project was officially awarded to a Tacloban-based company called Limar Construction.

But since then, the completion of this new edifice has been sped up with a target to complete the whole building before the year ends.

VSU Tolosa New Library

Current construction status of the new library building as of November 2021.

Complete book collections and reading areas will be located at the second floor while the library reception area along with some administrative offices like an auxiliary unit of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services (OVPSAS) and the Registrar’s Office will be placed at the ground floor of the new building.

With a current enrollment rate at 2,377 students, VSU Tolosa is the second largest campus of the VSU system in terms of student population. The growing number of students of this component campus makes it very strategic to build a separate library building that can hold more learners in the future.

Dr. Quenstein D. Lauzon, Chancellor of VSU Tolosa, specifically conveyed how this new infrastructure will be useful for their component campus.

“We want that when the face-to-face comes early next year, we will already have a more spacious learning commons for our students here in our campus where they can access our physical book collections while also enjoying a stable internet connection for their research. We hope that this new facility will stimulate our students to study more while also collaborating with each other,” Dr. Lauzon said.

Presently, VSU Tolosa is offering four undergraduate programs on fisheries, criminology, secondary education, and elementary education along with one master’s program on fisheries.

Related to this, Chancellor Lauzon revealed that four new bachelor’s program have been proposed to beef up the curricular offerings of their campus.

“Hopefully the Board of Regents (BOR) will soon approve our proposals to offer industrial security management, biology, culture and arts education, and physical education. If this becomes realized, we expect to take in more students so a bigger library facility will definitely be needed here in our campus,” Dr. Lauzon explained.

Aside from the new library, another infrastructure project being erected in VSU Tolosa is the second-phase expansion project of the current multipurpose gymnasium that will see the construction of a new cultural stage and a new perimeter fencing to secure the area.

A total of 8 million pesos was allocated for this project which was also implemented across the three other component campuses of the VSU system.

VSU Tolosa Gym Expansion

Current construction status of the gym expansion project of VSU Tolosa as of August 2021.

VSU Tolosa is also pushing for the future rehabilitation of their old administrative building in 2023 to provide permanent space for other core offices of the said component campus.

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