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Real-life education should continue despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Informed of the importance of practical experiences that can only be learned in the field, the College of Education (CEd) deployed a total of 311 student teachers who are expected to serve more than 80 public schools spread across the 93 barangays of Baybay City.

All of the deployed student teachers are graduating students this school year with different specializations in early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, physical education, and culture and arts education.

A virtual pinning ceremony was held on March 7, 2022 with their official deployment to the Department of Education (DepED) Baybay City commencing on April 5, 2022. The program is expected to run for more than a month and shall conclude by the third week of May.

Teaching internship provides education students an opportunity to experience first-hand the art of teaching and how it is practiced and operationalized in the field. This enhances the students capability  to integrate theory, making it a fundamental component of becoming a professional teacher in the future.

To prepare for the internship program, CEd faculty conducted a virtual pre-deployment orientation that involved the 311 student teachers along with the representative teachers from the different cooperating schools who will co-supervise the interns while they are in their assigned school.

CEd Dean Dr. Bayron S. Barredo also gave his message on the importance of orienting student teachers before their field deployment in accordance with the joint memorandum of the Commision on Higher Education (CHED) and the Department of Education (DepEd) number 1 series of 2021. 

“The orientation is very important to allow students to be aware of what they will be doing once deployed to their respective cooperating schools. As stipulated in the memorandum, Teacher Education Institutions (TEI) should require their practice teaching students to undergo pre-orientation before deployment and secure a certificate of readiness for teaching internship, “ Dr. Bayron said.  


The CEd faculty members met with Dr. Carmelino P. Bernadas (center), Schools Division Superintendent, to discuss the deployment of VSU student teachers in the different public schools in Baybay City.

The joint Memorandum Order of CHED and the DepEd, offers flexible modalities and provides guidelines in teaching internship to meet its goals in ways that will utilize any available resources with the uncertainty of the current situation due to the prevalent health risk mainly brought by the pandemic. 

“Being absent without prior notice or any valid reasons would mean that the student didn’t complete the orientation. Thus, the student won’t receive a certificate of readiness for teaching internship and won’t be allowed to be deployed for practice teaching,” the CEd Dean added. 

During the internship, the cooperating teacher will work hand-in-hand with the college supervisors and will evaluate and give their feedback to each practice teacher based on their performance.

Their attendance will be strictly monitored through a Daily Time Record (DTR) with an equivalent time of 360 hours of basic education for 9 weeks. 

Practice teachers were also required to attach an accomplishment report with evidence, summarizing all the accomplishments that were made within the week. They will submit this to CEd in a packaged electronic portfolio as part of their requirements for graduation along with a group action research that they have conducted to address the many gaps in the teaching profession.

To ensure safety due the Covid-19 pandemic, TEIs and other cooperating schools were required to abide by the safety regulations provided by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) and Department of Health (DOH). 

CEd also released a student internship plan containing all the needed guidelines, mechanics, and information about the new normal teaching internship to further inform the students.                          

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