EduRank 2024

From previously ranked as Top 14, VSU climbed two places among the top 100 universities in the Philippines based on EduRank’s latest edition from the data updated on July 18, 2023.

This implies that VSU continues to perform well in terms of its research outputs, non-academic prominence, and alumni influence, as these are the three indicators used by EduRank.

According to the website, VSU has published a total of 911 academic publications with over 5,823 citations in the fields of environmental science, biology, liberal arts and social sciences, ecology, chemistry, medicine, geography and cartography, engineering, geology, and agricultural science.

In fact, in the environmental science rankings, VSU placed 8th in the country with 667 publications made and 4,818 citations received. 

Under this ranking, VSU scored 1,366 in forestry, 1,729 in animal science, and 1,876 in horticulture, respectively.


EduRank also identified that VSU has an 82% acceptance rate based on the ratio of admissions to applications and other circumstantial enrollment data.

On top of that, VSU obtained the 6,525 spot for its alumni impact which reflects the university’s quality graduates excelling in different fields. For this issue, #ProudViscan Jonas Cortes, the current Mayor of Mandaue City in Cebu was declared as the top 1 notable alumni of VSU. 

Despite the current sliding ratings of VSU in both Asia (2,003) and the world (5,496) rankings in this edition, still, its overall rating in the country posed an impressive performance for the three indicators. 

In Region 8, three other universities made it to the top 100 list with Samar State University in 49th spot, Leyte Normal University at number 63rd, and University of Eastern Philippines at rank 74th.

Meanwhile, the University of the Philippines Diliman remains the top 1 institution followed by De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University, University of Santo Tomas, and the University of the Philippines Los Baños. 

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