A training-workshop on economic research methods is now going on at VSU’s Center for Continuing Education, January 9-13.

The training is led by Dr. Nelissa Jamora, a science fellow at CropTrust based in Bonn, Germany as impact assessment and agricultural economics expert.

Participated in by 51 faculty members, students, and researchers from different universities in the Philippines, the training was organized by VSU’s Department of Economics (DoE). Among the participating agencies and schools outside VSU include the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Naval State University in Biliran, Leyte, University of the Philippines-Mindanao, Local Government Unit-Baybay, Philippine Rice Research Institute-Agusan, and the Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rural Development Project.

DoE Head Dr. Neil Moises Seriño said the workshop seeks to provide basic toolsets that are especially necessary for making decisions amidst limited sources or data.

“Besides theoretical approach, we also would like to share to the participants some practical applications [of economics] on various [fields]. Our participants have a solid economics background, others are into environmental management,” said Dr. Seriño.

The participants, Dr. Seriño said, will also be trained on different software such as Stata, R, and JMulti.

Dr. Jamora said she is hopeful that at the end of the workshop, participants will have experience in analyzing and using empirical data and methods dealing with econometric issues. Participants are also expected to recognize econometric theories and methods that can be used to analyze economic problems.

A training certificate will be given to participants after completing all tasks and activities. 

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