Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management (HRTM) students at VSU hosted a cultural variety show at the VSU Gymnasium, July 16.

The event, which is a culminating activity of the Philippine and World Tourism courses, sought to promote appreciation of cultural diversity.

“Through this event, [the students create the idea to embrace culture and help them improve their understanding on cultural diversity”, Ms. Jemima B. Manggay, HRTM instructor.


Photos by Mr. Vince Clifford Sorila

HRTM students showcased the cultures of six different countries representing different continents including Egypt, Greece, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, and Thailand. Traditional music and dances from different parts of the Philippines such as Ifugao, Cebu, and Lanao del Sur were featured by the Philippine Tourism students.  

The HRTM undergraduate program at VSU is offered by the Department of Consumer and Hospitality Management. For more information about the courses offered in this program, click here.  

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