President Edgardo E. Tulin pays tribute to the past administrators and people behind the success of the Visayas State University during the 95th Founding Anniversary Convocation on April 25, 2019, at the VSU Gymnatorium.

Tulin, in his convocation speech, recalls how VSU has transitioned from a being a small agricultural school to what it is now as one of the country’s leading science and technology universities.  

“95 years ago, this institution started as a very simple farm school way back in 1924 and slowly metamorphosed over the years to become the Visayas State University, one of the premier state institutions of higher learning in the Philippines. Today, we reflect on the very early days of the institution and how far we have come,” he said.

The President especially honored the labor of the past administrators who worked hard to establish VSU. And told how the Foundation Day gives a sense of purpose as a university.

“We celebrate Foundation Day so that we do not forget the vision of the people who established it… Today is, therefore, about remembering all those who have served to make VSU what it is now. We owe Dr. Fernando Bernardo and the past presidents and administrators for what we are today,” he added.

Dr. Tulin emphasized that every foundation day is a challenge to transcend from the status quo in order to address the changing needs of the time.     

“This year, we are challenged to build networks for technology innovation, adoption, and commercialization. This year’s theme falls in line with our ten-year strategic plan where we envision to become a globally competitive university. It is also aligned with government programs on ASEAN integration and Internationalization,” he said.

VSU being a member of various international and national associations such as the Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities (AAACU), State Colleges and Universities – Association of Colleges of Agriculture (SUC-ACAP), among others, according to Tulin, is vital in the realization of the university’s vision to become global.

“Through strengthening networks, we can gain allies with different perspectives and strategies to learn from. A strong network allows us to keep our knowledge on technology innovations and practices current and relevant not just to our local setting but to the rest of the world.”

With the VSU Internationalization Plan in place, the President aims to further the university’s ties with international organizations and institutions especially for its core programs in agriculture, agricultural engineering, and environmental conservation.

Tulin also encouraged VSU researchers, especially the sprouting young researchers, to present their scholarly works to conferences and the likes abroad for peer evaluation and knowledge sharing, and be recognized.  

“It is not enough that we keep on receiving and collecting knowledge from others, we should likewise share our breakthroughs to the world,” he said.

The President has expressed his aspiration for VSU to become a National University of the Visayas in the next few years.  

“As a national university of the Visayas, the school’s leverage for network building and internationalization to become a globally competitive university will become stronger thus help fulfill our vision and mission,” he said as he ended his speech.

President Tulin concluded the anniversary convocation leaving a message to the present administrators and Viscans in keeping true to VSU’s mission and vision.  

“On our 95th year, we rejoice on what has been achieved in the past and we look forward to what is yet to come. We celebrate this day to uphold the thrusts of the university and keeping our University’s vision and mission as guiding stars that shall lead us to where we are going.”

The Anniversary Convocation Program was one of the highlights of the 95th VSU Founding Anniversary. The anniversary activities ran from April 14 – 27 ending with the Farmers’ and Fisherfolks’ Day celebration.

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