Viscans, this is not a drill, the much-awaited in-person festivities of #VSUAnniv are finally happening in a few more days. 

The 99th Founding Anniversary Celebration of Visayas State University (VSU) will officially begin this coming April 16 and will run until April 28, 2023. This year, the #VSUAnniv will be held for two weeks with many exciting activities lined up to highlight this momentous milestone of the university.

For the past three years, VSU was not able to hold a full in-person celebration for its founding anniversary due to the mobility restrictions brought on by the pandemic. Now, our gates will be open to the public once again to welcome everyone to this annual gathering.

Among the many activities that Viscans should not miss is the opening of the Flower and Garden Show at the Lower Campus which will showcase the different flora and fauna that Viscan plantitos and plantitas will surely love. 

Aside from that, VSU will welcome around 3,000 participants from all over Eastern Visayas for Farmers’ and Fisherfolks’ Day. This one-day event will include techno-demonstrations and lectures to disseminate the latest agricultural information and technologies that will benefit both the farmers and fisherfolk. 

VSU initiated this annual gathering of all the farmers and fisherfolk in the region as one of the highlights of the anniversary. Being an agricultural university, it is vital to have knowledge transfer for all the research developments and innovations of VSU to the farmers and fisherfolks, who are the real workers in the field. 

To spice up the 99th-anniversary celebration, there will also be a search for Mister and Miss VSU 2023. The newly-crowned Mister and Miss VSU will be the official candidates of the university for the upcoming pageant of the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) that will happen in October and will be proudly hosted by VSU this year.

On top of that, since VSU is nearing its centennial year, there will be a launching of the VSU Brand Book to unveil the set of policies and guidelines of the university including the newest visual representations of VSU to the world.

Viscans will also enjoy the opening of booths created by the different colleges and research units of VSU while they can also enjoy popular street foods and local delicacies at a designated Food Court located a few meters away from the VSU Lower Oval grounds.

To actively participate in the activities specially prepared for all of us by the VSU administration, here is the schedule of events and activities for the 99th Founding Anniversary of VSU:


The two-week anniversary celebration will surely make history as the majority of the VSU students will have their first #VSUAnniv experience this year.

It can be recalled that in 2020, the #VSUAnniv was canceled, so the senior Viscans who were freshmen at that time will celebrate their very first #VSUAnniv just like the succeeding batches.

Through the years, VSU has proven to live up to its pursuit of excellence. For this year’s anniversary, the theme anchors on the gains and successes of the institution for the past 99 years–from being a small agricultural school back in the 1960s to a now globally-recognized and multi-awarded university for research and innovation.

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