Even Typhoon Basyang and a power interruption could not stop the Valentine’s day celebration in VSU.

Close to a hundred university personnel and foreign visitors braved the typhoon to gather at the Convention Center for a night of fun, dance and surprises as the VSU community holds a pre-Valentine party on February 13, 2018.

Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin, VSU president, welcomed the audience who has come despite the cancellation of classes due to a daylong heavy downpour.

“I am proud that many of you are actively taking part in this affair tonight, even when its raining outside, even if there is a typhoon which just shows that you love the activities of this university,” Dr. Tulin said.

Despite the bad weather, the crowd arrived in the venue dressed in their respective color-coded attires: red for those who are in love, blue for those looking for love, green for the single and patiently waiting, purple for those who have never been in a relationship, white for those who have someone special, gray for those who are single by choice, and yellow for those moving on.

Almost everyone wore red while only a few number of attendees were dressed in varied colors. According to Ms. Honey Colis of the Office of the President, the color coding adds extra excitement and fun to the event while giving everyone the freedom to express their current relationship status.

Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin, VSU President, who was dressed in red himself talked about the importance of love in his message.

“With all that’s happening in the world, the only solution to have peace and understanding is to love. Without love, we don’t really appreciate each other. Without love in the family, nothing is really made possible,” says VSU’s chief steward.

Moreover, he stressed that love is what keeps us going as an institution.

“Love is what binds us to this university. We grow, we survive, and we prosper because of our love to one another and to VSU,” Dr. Tulin quipped.

Dr. Jesusito Lim, the Head of VSU’s Culture and the Arts Center (CAC), admitted that it took so many years for VSU to hold a Valentine celebration. This was supported by Dr. Lualhati Noriel, a retired faculty of VSU, who couldn’t even remember the last time that such a party was hosted.

The VSU president, who also could not recall the last Valentine’s party held at the university, said that it is just timely and the right opportunity to have this kind of activity be staged again.

“We are having this [party] as a break from our routine and what better opportunity for us to share friendship and love other than having this event,” Dr. Tulin said.

Games and raffle draws kept the night more colorful and lively. Among the raffle prizes given to the winners were flat irons, rice cookers and fruit blenders, among others.

Visitors from the Czech Republic and members of the Czech Geographic Society who were touring the country also participated in the games and even won in the group singing contest, where they received the loudest applause from the crowd.

Capping the event was the Search for King and Queen of Hearts. Mr. Ian Dave Custodio from the College of Management and Economics (CME) and Ms. Charis Limbo from the VSU Laboratory High School (VSULHS) were crowned as King and Queen, respectively.

The pre-Valentine’s party was a joint effort of the Office of the University President and the CAC with financial support from the VSU Marketing and Promotions Committee currently chaired by Dr. Lourdes B. Cano.

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