ResearchGate, the world’s largest and most popular professional network for scientists and researchers, placed Visayas State University (VSU) on 10th spot among the top research universities in the Philippines according to a ranking released in January 2020.

VSU College of Agriculture and Food Science Dean Dr. Victor B. Asio, an internationally-renowned scientist and professor, also published the list in an article released on his website in the same month.

According to ResearchGate, the ranking is ‘based on the total number of publications published by the members from each university and the total ResearchGate Score (RG Score) based on the research outcome appearing in the researchers’ profile and their interactions with other members and the reputation of their peers.’

ResearchGate Ranking 2020.png

Dr. Asio wrote that although there were apparent ranking changes in the RG Score, the number of publications was seen to have more impact on the overall ranking.

“It can be argued that the total publication is a more reliable basis of ranking the universities than the RG Score because of the lack of transparency on how the score is calculated. There are of course scientists who prefer to use the RG Score because it indicates the researchers’ impact,” he added.

Presently, ResearchGate has more than 17 million member-researchers and has access to more than 130 million publications around the world.

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