Baybay City interagency outpost

Perspective plan of the Baybay City Interagency Outpost that will house Philippine National Police (PNP) VSU Substation and a satellite office of the Baybay City Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office (DRRM). Photo courtesy of Baybay City Planning Office.

For the growing VSU community, the long-term goal is about ensuring the safety and security of the university constituents.

This is the promise of VSU President Edgardo E. Tulin during the inauguration of the new public comfort rooms from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) built near the VSU Market.

This was also the opportunity to break ground on a new Baybay City interagency outpost that will soon rise beside the DPWH comfort rooms.

“The Philippine National Police (PNP) and Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) satellite offices will provide safety and security to the VSU community. Nowadays, it can’t be underestimated that safety and security are very important for us,” the VSU President said.

Dr. Tulin recalled how he envisions the local government outpost to be vital in maintaining safety and security within the VSU Main Campus.

“The City government has always been an active partner of VSU and we continue to be grateful to Mayor Jose Carlos L. Cari and Congressman Carl Nicholas C. Cari for approving our proposal. Bomb scares like what happened two years ago here on our campus were a major concern that disrupted our activities for almost a week. Having a facility like this will surely make emergency and disaster response more efficient for all Viscans,” the VSU President added.

Dr. Tulin also thanked DPWH for choosing VSU as the location for the comfort rooms that will not only serve the public commuters and the VSU community, but also people with disabilities (PWDs) and senior citizens.

In response, DPWH Regional Director Nerie D. Bueno said that the construction of the comfort rooms that are PWD-ready is one of the projects that are being pursued by their agency to ensure access and inclusivity for everyone.

“As simple as this structure may seem, I would like to personally highlight that this project is one of the many that the department has built-in promoting the realization of keeping equal rights to PWDs in our communities,” she added.

Meanwhile, Baybay City Mayor Jose Carlos L. Cari added that the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) was also approved to be built together with the PNP and DRRM buildings.


Baybay City Mayor Jose Carlos L. Cari commits his continued support to VSU through the construction of a local government interagency outpost to be located inside the VSU Main Campus.

“Because this area of VSU serves a big part of Baybay, we’ve decided to not only build a substation for PNP and DRRM, but also for BFP as per President Tulin’s proposal,” the City Mayor revealed.

Mayor Cari assured that the local government unit will shoulder the costs for building these offices and added that the university would do its part in maintaining these donated facilities.

The Baybay City interagency outpost is set to be constructed in the same area where the new public comfort rooms were built, in the lot nearest to the highway. It is also set to be inaugurated within the year.

DPWH is also the agency behind the construction of an expanded two-lane VSU highway that secured close to a hundred trees planted along the Pangasugan to Guadalupe road network.

This earned public praise from various sectors for saving century-old trees without canceling an important road widening project of the national government.

The new two-lane VSU highway has also inspired other places in the country to consider keeping the trees while also expanding the local road networks in various parts of the Philippines.

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