VSU earned an institutional passing rate of 87.5% after seven out of eight takers passed the May 2016 Civil Engineer Licensure Examination.

The seven new civil engineers are:

Bico, Jerald Ebuiza
Dizon, Mirzi Dinoz Diaz
Egos, Jet Mentes
Onde, Jehiel Alburo
Puso, Christian Niño Valle
Tan, Jethro Fred Diamante
Viscara, Marlon Jr Rosal

Five out of six first-takers of the exam passed while all two graduates who took the exam for the second time got successful.

The Professional Regulation Commission released the results three working days after the last day of the exam.

The top 5 passers came from Mapua Institute of Technology-Manila, Far Eastern University, and University of San Carlos.

De la Salle University in Manila ranked first among the schools that have 50 or more examinees and got at least 80% passing rate. DLSU got 80.68% after 71 of 88 takers passed the exam.

Engr. Epifania Loreto, head of VSU’s Department of Civil Engineering (DCE), said she was pleased with the results and believed that the passing rate is a high achievement.

The DCE is one of the youngest departments in VSU. It started offering the Civil Engineering curriculum in 2008. 

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