College of Veterinary Medicine

A total of 12 new veterinarians are added in the roster of duly licensed alumni of the VSU College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM).

According to the official results released by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), VSU obtained an institutional passing of 50%, which is higher than the national passing percentage of 38.33%

The successful #ProudViscan examinees are as follows:

1. Dr. Ely Louraine B. Albesa,
2. Dr. Lhoroville C. Alonso
3. Dr. Melchiville Joseal Diana B. Cuanan
4. Dr. Niña Rose M. Deniega
5. Dr. Mark Edd B. Janier
6. Dr. Marlton B. Laguna
7. Dr. Darlene G. Mandras
8. Dr. Ella Lalaine C. Miranda
9. Dr. Kristel C. Rebacca
10. Dr. Bien Dominic C. Rosales
11. Dr. Ellale Ann G. Viojan
12. Dr. Sean Phillip V. Yamas

According to Dr. Vera Stephanie Ballentes, a member of CVM staff, there were 3 other examinees from VSU who pulled out in taking the examination because of pandemic-related circumstances.

Meanwhile, Dr. Santiago T. Peña, Jr., CVM Dean, extended his congratulations to the 12 new licensed veterinarians from VSU.

“Firstly, congratulations to our newly licensed veterinarians for the well-deserved break and much success. I commend the sacrifices you have made despite the most challenging conditions in the last month's examination,” the CVM Dean said.

He then continued by inspiring the non-passers to work extra harder and never give up on their dreams.

"For those who did not pass this year's exam, the message remains the same: don't give up as nothing has made you anything less of who you are at heart . All of us face some unexpected and unwanted moments at one time, or hit rock bottom at another. But being at the bottom means there is no way but up. Real failure is when we fail to rise above those challenges and try again. So I urge you to build back on those dreams again, never give up, have confidence, trust God and finally make those dreams a reality. Your CVM-VSU family is alongside to cheer you on,” Dr. Peña added.

The examinations were given by the Board of Veterinary Medicine in the six testing areas located in Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Koronadal, Legazpi, and Tuguegarao held from August 4-6 of this year, but the last day of examination in Manila was moved to September 2 due to the imposed ECQ in the region. Most of the examinees from VSU took their exam in Cebu City.

The oath-taking of the new licensed veterinarians will be announced later by the PRC.

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