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When the university announced its new set of togas—which was recently approved by the University Administrative Council—we received feedback from the vetmed alumni community about the DVM regalia. The new attire is comprised of the new VSU undergraduate toga with mortarboard cap and a gray alampay with three stripes and the CVM logo. 

We acknowledge and understand where these sentiments come from, and we would like to allay these apprehensions.

At the Visayas State University, we esteem doctors of veterinary medicine like others in the medicine profession. In fact, the College of Veterinary Medicine has produced topnotchers in the veterinary licensure exam, a testament to the university’s and the CVM faculty’s commitment to train excellent graduates of the six-year DVM undergraduate program.

For the 2022 Commencement Exercises on August 12 and the Special Tribute to Class of 2020 and 2021 on August 11, DVM graduates will still don the traditional gray doctorate toga and hood. Moreover, the College will keep its tradition of using the gray doctorate gown and hood in its hooding ceremonies. 

The new DVM toga’s alampay was designed by the VSU Brand Book Task Force to give premium and set the wearer apart from the other undergraduates. It is part of this new academic regalia set of the university, a product of VSU’s process of visualizing academic stature during commencement rites. We have also improved DVM toga’s alampay for its stripes to be more prominent especially in photos. 


Thus, for the graduation pictorials of DVM graduates scheduled on August 2, the university’s graduation publicity committee has revised their package to include the traditional DVM toga in lieu of the Filipiniana/business attire, with an option to include the latter at an additional cost.

The College welcomes these developments and encourages its students and alumni to do the same.

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