2023 CSC Regional Winners

Aside from delivering the work expected from them, these groups of #ProudViscans exceeded beyond and performed best in their respective offices.

This year, the Visayas State University (VSU) is happy to commend two groups of faculty researchers and one administrative aide for being selected as regional winners for the yearly Search for Outstanding Government Workers of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in Region 8.

The Sweetpotato Industry Enhancers composed of Daniel Leslie S. Tan, Marlon M. Tambis, and Inish Chris P. Mesias bagged the Presidential Lingkod Bayan (PLB) Award under the group category. And the VSU Peatland Conservation Advocates consist of Hermerose E. Matutes, Judith B. Jomadiao, Lilibeth G. Miralles, and Syrus Cesar P. Decena bagged the Civil Service Commission Pagasa (Pagasa) Award also in the group category.

Meanwhile, Anabella B. Tulin and Armando M. Pabon conferred the Outstanding Public Official and Employee Award or Dangal ng Bayan (DNB) Award, respectively.

The CSC under its Honor Awards Program (HAP) gives the PLB, DNB, and Pagasa Awards to reward and give incentives to outstanding government officials and employees in public service. And VSU is proud to have winners in all the categories under the 2023 Search for Outstanding Government Workers.

Sweetpotato Industry Enhancers as PLB Awardees


The group of VSU Vice President for Administration and Finance Professor Tan, the team leader of the Sweetpotato Industry Enhancers is given the PLB award for the development of different innovative sweetpotato technologies such as the portable vacuum fryer, vacuum fried sweetpotato strips, and other high-value products to promote the value chain of sweetpotato.

Last year, the portable vacuum fryer developed by the team of Prof. Tan won the 2nd top prize in the National Invention Contest and Exhibits (NICE) organized by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through its technology commercialization arm called the Technology Application Promotion Institute (TAPI).

The PBL award that has been achieved by the Sweetpotato Industry Enhancers is given to either an individual or group who makes a national impact because of exemplary work performance.

VSU Peatland Conservation Advocates as Pagasa Awardees


VSU Alangalang has partnered with the International Institue of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) and Forest Foundation Philippines for a four-year project on Leyte Sab-a Peat Swamp Forest Restoration Initiative (LSPFRI). This initiative is to restore and conserve the Leyte Sab-a Peat Swamp Forest, one of the two identified peatlands in our country that are located in San Miguel, Alangalang, Sta. Fe, and Palo. 

According to the Facebook post of CSC Region VIII, the group of VSU Peatland Conservation Advocates led by Matutes promoted a “comprehensive and integrated approach to the creation and application of sustainable peat swamp forest management and mechanisms for peat swamp restoration.”

Because of this initiative, the team of Matutes is accorded the Pagasa Award which is given to either an individual or group whose work performance has benefited an office, agency, community, or region.

Aside from the team of Matutes, a group category from Samar State University named Bukas ng Produksiyon ng Kamote sa Agham at Teknolohiya or Bukas Team also won the Pagasa award. Also, the provincial governor of Biliran and a planning officer from Biliran Province State University were declared the individual winners of the same award.

The two DNB Awardees


On top of that, two #ProudViscans are hailed as DNB Awardees an award given to individuals who perform extraordinary acts or public service and consistently demonstrate exemplary ethical behavior.

One is Professor Tulin who is a multi-awarded faculty researcher and is the concurrent Dean of the VSU Graduate School. The CSC in Region 8 describes her in a Facebook post as one of the excellent university professors at VSU who made significant contributions to the university be it in teaching, research, administration, and even extension activities. It reads:

“She has championed advanced higher education during the past three years, encouraging globalization and suggesting scholarships for underprivileged students throughout the epidemic. This is one of her most notable successes. She introduced herself to certain foreign scientists and helped some of her MS thesis advisees obtain Ph.D. scholarships abroad. She gained scholarships to expand the number of Biotech researchers in the nation, which was necessary during the pandemic, and awarded scholarships to the best undergraduate Biotechnology students. Overall, several award-giving organizations in both the national and international spheres commended her work.”

Recently, the team of Prof. Tulin won 1st place in the paper presentation at the Thailand conference. They presented the project on the development of smart and sustainable disaster risk management for Region 8. This is just one of the notable research works of Prof. Tulin.

Like Prof. Tulin, the second DNB awardee is Pabon who worked for the Department of Pest Management (DPM) for 38 years. He started as a laborer in 1985 under Dr. Ruben M. Gapasin. Currently, his position in the said department is as an administrative aide III. He is known for his diligence, initiative, and commitment to his responsibilities at DPM.

According to the CSC Region 8, he even worked beyond office hours to do other important and urgent things requested from him. The caption reads:

“Without being directed, he takes initiative and works diligently. He is quite knowledgeable about his responsibilities, including maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding area, setting up classrooms before and after classes, and printing and organizing tests and other educational materials. He consistently arrives on duty in the early morning hours and has never declined an invitation to work on the weekends. Additionally, he stays up late to ensure that no machinery or lights are on to conserve energy.”

There were also three other DNB winners from the region namely Tito G. Rojas from the Local Government Unit of Maasin City, Rufino E. Mengote from the Department of Science and Technology RO VIII, and Alberto Añora Siega from the Bureau of Fire Protection RO8, respectively.

These 9 #ProudViscans are leading the example to the Viscan community and serving as an inspiration to perform their duties with utmost dedication and passion.

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